Agrifoodstuffs: Among the items are: drinks of all kinds (excluding juices), which is the main export item in Europe (168 million euros) while Spain only exports 2 million euros; legumes and vegetables, is the second item in Europe (125 million euros) and the second largest food product that Spain exports to the world (so it could still increase its percentage in India); food industry waste, which is the third item that the E.U. most exports and which has grown by 73.68% compared to 2016, while Spanish exports only grew by 17%; and cocoa and its preparations, of which the E.U. exports to India the significant amount of 24,8 million euros, where Spain could increase its participation (it exports 613,9 million euros to the rest of the world).

In addition to the agrifoodstuffs sector, there is potential for export by Spanish companies to India in the following sectors:

  • Industrial sectors:
    Packaging and packaging technology: Plastic. Rubber.
  • Aeronautical:parts of airplanes and helicopters.
  • Automotive (vehículos de motor y parts).
  • Parts and accessories of vehicles.
  • Compression ignition engines, for cars.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Machinery:
    Nuclear reactors, boilers, machines, devices: place 22 out of 243 in the world and 16 out of 149 in India.
    • Railway sector:

      Vehicles and material for railways and the like Increasing number of projects in the sec- tor. Medium-term development of different metro networks in the main cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow, Jaipur, etc.) and medium speed lines.

    • Cold chain:

      transport logistics, machinery, etc. A sector that is almost not developed in India and that presents possibilities of growth because it is necessary for the develop- ment of the territory and Spain is well positioned in the sector.

    • Chemical sector:

      Medications for therapeutic / prophylactic uses, dosed.

      Fertilisers: potassium chloride has the largest potential export gap.


    • E-commerce sector:

Specifically in relation to fashion.